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Peer Mediation



What is Peer Mediation?


Peer Mediation is a program in which trained students assist others to resolve their own conflicts. The goal of peer mediation is to reduce conflict and provide students with problem solving skills. Trained mediators create a safe environment free of bias. Mediators use actively listening strategies and a structured outline to help disputing students create a mutually acceptable agreement. Disputants are part of generating the solutions and therefore may feel empowered to take responsibility for their actions and utilize skills in future disagreements.


What does the process look like?

  • Peer mediators work in pairs with students who are having difficulties they would like to resolve
  • An adult facilitator is present to guide the process as mediators take a leadership role
  • The peer mediation process involves talking and active listening
  • Peer mediators do not take sides and do not punish others
  • Students help one another to create solutions to the problems and create an agreement all students find fair


Who can benefit from Peer Mediation?

Peer mediation is currently an available resource  for all students grades K-5.

Trained mediators are all current 5th grade students.