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Lab List

This document shows a list of Earth Science Labs we complete in order this school year,

along with the amount of hands on minutes for each lab.


Per NYS Education Law[100.5(b)(7)(iv)(d)], students must complete 1200 minutes of hands-on lab time

in order to be eligible for the Earth Science Regents exam in June.





Regents Earth Science Lab List

1. Making Observations(Goo-Yuck)

2. Graphing Analysis & Sunspots

3. Solid and Liquid Density

4. Earth’s Circumference

5. Latitude and Longitude

6. Magnetic Compass & GPS

7. Construction Contour maps

8. Ellipses

9. Planets and the Solar System

Planet Project

Natural Disaster Project

10. Angle & Duration of Insolation

11. Isotherms

12. Dew Point and Cloud Formation

13. Weather Patterns

14. Climate Patterns

15. Mineral Structure

16. Mineral Identification

17. Rock Identification

18. Stream Abrasion Lab

19. Stream Table Lab

20. Earthquake, Volcanoes, Plate boundaries

21. Earthquake Epicenter Location

22. Interpreting Geologic History

23. Radioactive Decay

24. NY Landscapes