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Mr. Rocco—Room 124


Earth Science is a hands-on, inquiry based approach to teaching the NYS Earth

Science Syllabus. Therefore, students will need average or above average reading and

writing skills. A solid foundation in math is desirable. The student should have

exhibited the following in his/her middle school experience: recording and

interpreting data, graphing techniques, graph analysis. numerical substitution into

algebraic equations. scientific measurement techniques. and the ability to follow

written scientific procedures. The above should be done with minimal teacher

guidance. Extra lab periods are required.





  1. When the bell rings you are expected to be in your seat. Unexcused late arrivals will not be tolerated. Excessive tardiness (4X per quarter) without a pass will result in a referral!


  1. Daily attendance is critical to your understanding of the class material. If you miss a class or an assignment, you do not just miss one class. You miss an integral part of the whole course. In many cases, it's very hard to make it up without hard work on your part.


  1. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up the assignments. You MUST CHECK MY CANVAS PAGE to access video lessons, HW assignments and labs prior to returning to class. Also remember to check the grading section on Canvas to see if you are missing assignments.


  1. Each student is required to arrive to class daily with their MacBook, a binder (3 ring binder with loose-leaf paper and a few dividers is BEST!), pen or pencil. Labs may be done in pen BUT MUST BE NEAT OR POINTS WILL BE TAKEN OFF!!! (No scribbles or doodles). Notes are to be taken almost every day. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find the notes posted on MY CANVAS PAGE and copy the missed class notes. This notebook will be an EXTREMELY important source of information for preparing for your tests and quizzes. A folder is also required to keep all handouts/worksheets in one neat and organized place! The Earth Science Reference Tables (ESRT) will be the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL for completing many HW assignments and labs AND passing tests and the Regents exam this year!!


You will be given a Regents Review Book which we will use all year for some homework assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to READ and understand this book carefully and complete assignments from it on time to better prepare for the June Regents Exam. Please take the book home and leave it there until we start regent’s review towards the end of the school year. DO NOT WRITE IN THE BOOK!! I will inform you when to bring the book back to school. Thank you!


  1. Your grade will be based primarily on tests, quizzes, labs, homework assignments, weekly bell ringer sheets, and class participation. Adjustments in the grade will be made according to class participation (i.e., excessive absences will have a major impact on the participation aspect of your grade).


  1. Any test missed must be made up within a few days of your return. It is YOUR responsibility to see that this happens. For extended legal absences, make arrangements with me either BEFORE or upon your RETURN to school.


  1. Earth Science is an abstract course, with many complex topics, some of which are extremely hard to grasp without putting in the hard work. Develop a schedule for reading and assigned homework and labs. Homework assignments will be given each night (including weekends) and should take no longer than 10-20 minutes to complete. Typical assignments include review book page assignments, worksheets, vocabulary definitions, STUDYING for tests and completing lab work. All assignments are a CRITICAL part of the course and will help prepare you for the Regents exam in June. Establish a routine for completing daily homework, reading, studying, etc. Get the work done and out of the way. You’ll feel better!


  1. Do not under any circumstances leave this room without knowing what you are supposed to know. If you don’t understand, raise your hand. ASK! Half the class will be glad you did.



  1. The whole purpose of your being in this room at this particular time is to LEARN and have some fun! Paying close attention and fulfilling the requirements of the course can best accomplish this. To this end, you are expected to come to class equipped with the necessary materials and proper attitude. In short, do what is required of you. Come prepared!


  1. I am available after school for extra help. I will post a day of the week that I am available on the left front white board in my classroom so that you can make arrangements to stay. If that specific day does not work for you, please see me to make other arrangements. Lab detentions will also be assigned if necessary!!! Please take advantage of the extra time if you feel you need it.




 I make the time for you, so please make the time for Earth science!!!