Mrs. Tait's & Mrs. Fleischhauer's Class

Grade 4 - Room 202

Spelling Information

Week of:      (TEST on Friday, )   

Current Word Lists:  


The Trouts: Sort #12 Final /k/ Sound Spelled ck/ke/k


-ck short: kick, sick, lock, duck, pack, lick sock, truck


-ke long: take, bike, shake, spoke, duke, strike, smoke, like


-k other: took, shook, cook, look, book



The Snapping Turtles: Sort #18 Review for CVVC Pattern (ai/oa/ee/ea)


ai (long a): wait, mail, sail, rail


ea (short e): thread, read, deaf, meant, dread


ee (long e): need, sheep, wheel, three, sheets, cheek 


ea (long e): beast, seat, neat, pea, cream 


oa (long o): toast, coast, moan, throat



The Roses: Sort #6 Unusual Past Tense Words 

Present Tense: sleep, keep, slide, shine, freeze, draw, sweep, drive, bleed, know, throw, say


Past Tense: slept, kept, slid, shone, froze, drew, swept, drove, bled, knew, threw, said



The Eurypterids Sort #6 Adding -ion and -ian, No Spelling Change


Base -t: assert, digest, invent, suggest, adopt, insert


Base + ion: assertion, digestion, invention, suggestion, adoption, insertion


Base -ic: magic, music, optic, logic, diagnostic, clinic


Base + ian: magician, musician, optician, logician, diagnostician, clinician




* Every week a new Spelling unit will be introduced.

* Homework assignments will be sent home on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Thursday night homework is to study for the unit test. For each homework assignment, choose one activity from the menu in the back of your Spelling Journal, and write the date in the box. Complete it in your Spelling Journal. You should write in cursive handwriting unless the activity instructs you to print, or a teacher has given you persmission to print. If the activity requires a separate paper, carefully staple it into your Spelling Journal and fold it in to fit. If you are unsure of how to do this, ask a teacher for help.

* Unit tests are usually given on Fridays.  Students will be tested on all the Spelling words on the unit list, as well as "added words" that follow the spelling patterns that were covered in the unit. Typically, there will be 1-2 "bonus" words. If spelled correctly, students will earn bonus points for spelling the "bonus" word(s) correctly. Points are not taken away if "bonus" words are spelled incorrectly.

* Encourage "best spelling" using rules and patterns, followed by use of strategies, tools, and resources to help edit written work for misspelled words.


NO EXCUSES WORD LIST                                                                                                             (Students will be expected to spell the following list of words correctly. A poster of these words is available in the classroom for students to reference as they write throughout the day. They should also have a copy of this list at home. Please let me know if you need another copy.)


1. the
2. of
3. and
4. a
5. to
6. in
7. is
8. you
9. that
10. it
11. he
12. for
13. was
14. on
15. are
16. as
17. with
18. his
19. they
20. at
21. be
22. this
23. from
24. I
25. have

26. or
27. by
28. one
29. had
30. not
31. but
32. what
33. all
34. were
35. when
36. we
37. there
38. can
39. an
40. your
41. which
42. their
43. said
44. if
45. do
46. will
47. each
48. about
49. how
50. up

51. out
52. them
53. then
54. she
55. many
56. some
57. so
58. these
59. would
60. other
61. into
62. has
63. more
64. her
65. two
66. like
67. him
68. see
69. time
70. could
71. no
72. make
73. than
74. first
75. been

76. its
77. who
78. now
79. people
80. my
81. made
82. over
83. did
84. down
85. only
86. way
87. find
88. use
89. may
90. water
91. long
92. little
93. very
94. after
95. words
96. called
97. just
98. where
99. most
100. know

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