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The Board of Education shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, national origin, religion, age marital status, military status, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, or sexual orientation in its employment practices. including the recruitment and appointment of employees.

It will be the duty of the Superintendent of Schools to see that persons recommended for employment in the schools meet all certification requirements and the requirements of the Board for the type of position for which the recommendation is made. The district will only employ certified teachers unless it can validate an inability to secure a certified teacher pursuant to the Commissioner’s Regulations.

The Superintendent’s recommendation will be based upon consideration of the candidate who best meets the desired qualities for an available or anticipated instructional position, as determined through the hiring process including, but not be limited to, consideration of the following criteria, as applicable:        

- the candidate’s professional preparation, including but not limited to academic record, college major, and rigor of program;

-  the candidate’s subject matter expertise and demonstrable knowledge of the standards, elements, and performance indicators embedded in the New York State Teaching Standards;

- the candidate’s fit with District’s mission, vision and core values;

- the candidate’s pedagogical skillset, consistent with the State-approved rubric selected by the school district, as determined by the observation and evaluation of a demonstration lesson, as practicable;

- the candidate’s level of comfort and expertise with technology and the use of technology for instructional delivery and communication;

- the candidate’s ability to use different pedagogical techniques appropriately and effectively;

- the candidate’s ability to relate to, to respect, and to connect and engage with students, both within and outside of the classroom;

- the candidate’s creativity and innovativeness;

- the candidate’s critical thinking and analytical skills;

- the candidate’s ability and inclination to interact collaboratively with students, parents, colleagues, and community members;

- the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively and proactively with students, parents, and colleagues using a variety of modalities as appropriate, including but not limited to e-mail, web pages, and other technology-based tools.

- the candidate’s prior experience, instructional and otherwise, as it is relevant to the demonstration of the aforementioned criteria.       

These criteria will be applied, to the extent practicable, in screening, interviewing, and recommending long-term substitutes who are hired with the understanding that their service in this capacity will be for an extended period of time, typically for a full school year or a significant portion of the time thereof, as measured in months. Administrative discretion and flexibility will used in applying these criteria for the hiring of long-term substitutes for a shorter or indeterminate period of time.     

Interview questions will be based, at least in part, upon these criteria. Responses will be used by the administrator and/or search committee as part of a holistic approach to evaluating potential hires to generate responses from candidates. These responses will assist the administrator/search committee to determine the “best” available candidate for the position.  

Administrators may travel to interview candidates when there are enough candidates at that location to justify such a trip. In most instances, however, candidates will be asked to come to the school for an interview.

The Superintendent will make all hiring recommendations to the Board for approval. In addition, the Business Administrator may make recommendations for non-instructional employees, following applicable Civil Service rules and procedures. Administrators may also make interim appointments when given short notice.

While the Board may accept or reject a recommendation, an appointment will be valid only if made with the recommendation of the Superintendent. In the case of a rejection, it is the duty of the Superintendent to make another  recommendation. No person shall be considered employed until a resolution to that effect has been approved by the Board.

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Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), 29 USC §621 et seq.
Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 USC §12101 et seq.
Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII, 42 USC §2000c et seq.
Human Rights Law, Executive Law §290 et seq.
Civil Rights Law, §40 et seq.
Education Law §§1709; 3012 

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