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The Superintendent of Schools is charged with developing procedures for registering and regulating student groups or clubs.  Such procedures shall ensure that the district will register any group organized for a purpose not prohibited by Board policy or by law, if such group submits a list of its members designated as contacts, a copy of its constitution and/or bylaws, and the constitution and bylaws of any off-campus organization with which it may be affiliated.  At the discretion of the Board of Education, the Board may require student groups or clubs to fully or partially self-fund.  Funding sources may include, but are not limited to, the school district, booster clubs, and/or private individuals, at the discretion of the Board of Education. 


Student groups may not restrict membership on the basis of race, sex, national origin or other arbitrary criteria.  The Board may prohibit the formation of any clubs, including fraternities or sororities, or any other secret society, whose deliberations and activities have caused or created, or are likely to cause or create, a disruption of or interference with the school program.  The Board also may set a minimum number of students for participation in student groups or clubs, and may restrict the total number of clubs if, in the Board’s judgement, the burden on district resources, financial or otherwise, is too great.


Administrative regulations governing the use of school facilities shall abide by the Equal Access Act in the creation of a "limited open forum."  All noncurricula-related student activities, regardless of religious or political con­tent, shall have the same opportunities as any other such activity to operate on school grounds.

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