Series: Series3000     Sub Series: 3200 ADMINISTRATORS     Policy Number: 3210
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The Superintendent is directed to provide for placing into operation the provisions for implementing a management team concept for school administration.

The members of the team act in an advisory capacity and participate in decision making when appropriate. The management team's responsibilities are:

1. making policy recommendations to the Superintendent and Board as assigned;

2. developing for the Superintendent's approval and Board review, administrative

regulations implementing policy adopted by the Board;

3. involving other staff members possessing competency in the area under

consideration in the development of district policies and regulations;

4. interpreting and disseminating district policies and programs to other district

personnel, students and citizens;

5. as assigned by the Superintendent, being the Board's representative(s) in the

administration of district programs;

6. evaluating proposals made by other employees in negotiations with the Board's

designated representative and to recommend to the Superintendent and Board the

district's response to such proposals; and

7. serving as support personnel to the district's negotiator.

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