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The Superintendent of Schools, as chief executive officer of the Board of Education, will have the following specific powers and duties:

Board - Superintendent Relations

1. to provide information necessary for effective governance;

2. to recommend and implement appropriate policies for development and action;

3. to execute, administer, and enforce all policies of the district;

4. to provide the Board with written information in advance of meetings;

5. to provide appropriate input at meetings;

6. to provide all information requested by the Board in a timely fashion;

7. to help the Board assess ramifications of pending actions;

8. to enact Board directives;

9. to keep the Board informed of the status of district programs;

10. to help the Board anticipate areas of concern;

11. to work to solve problems for and with the Board;

12. to maintain an effective professional relationship with each member of the Board;

13. to report to and be accountable to the Board of Education and not to any officer,committee, or individual member of the Board


Goals and Plans

14. to help the Board formulate goals;

15. to use a systematic approach to anticipate projected needs based upon enrollment,facility needs, educational program, revenues and expenditures;

16. to evaluate the progress of goals;

17. to regularly report the status of goals to the Board;


Curriculum and Instruction

18. to anticipate and meet state requirements;

19. to monitor and assess educational programs;

20. to plan and implement programs to meet educational needs of the entire student body;

21. to work as the liaison between schools to ensure continuity and progression of the educational program;

22. to make recommendations for appropriate program changes including additions and/or deletions;

23. to encourage a high level of student performance;


Fiscal Management

24. to establish procedures which ensure sound fiscal management;

25. to oversee the preparation and presentation of the budget;



26. to ensure that all positions are filled with competent, certified personnel;

27. submit to the Board recommendations in accordance with law and SED regulations, and contract conditions, in a timely manner based on adequate supporting data;

28. to direct, with appropriate administrative assistance, the training, supervision and evaluation of all staff;

29. to encourage, organize and evaluate programs for professional development;

30. to establish, maintain and monitor systems for supervision and evaluation of all employees;

31. to maintain detailed current records on all employees;

32. to provide the Board with periodic reports on employee performance;


Labor - Management Relations

33. to oversee contract negotiations with the direction and assistance of the Board;

34. to implement contract agreements;


Plant Management

35. to develop and implement an ongoing plan for plant maintenance and improvement;

36. to arrange and monitor plans to insure plant security;

37. to report to the Board on issues of plant maintenance and security;


Involvement in the Greater Educational Community

38. to further the interests of the district through active involvement in county, state, and national coalitions;

39. to establish and maintain strong communication with the greater educational community;


School - Community Relations

40. to attend after school events as time permits;

41. to maintain regular communication with PTSO and other parent groups;

42. to respond to unresolved complaints and arrange for their resolution;

43. to be available to speak with students and parents;

44. to deliver presentations to community organizations and appear on local radio and television programs when requested;

45. to publish a district newsletter regularly;

46. to maintain a visible presence in the community through membership in local organizations; and

47. to be available to speak with and provide written materials about the district to local news organizations.


Note: Any changes made to this list of duties should be reflected in the annual evaluation of the Superintendent.

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Education Law §§1604(8); 1711; 1804 

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