Series: Series2000     Sub Series: 2400     Policy Number: 2460
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The Board of Education will evaluate the effect of its policies and the manner in which they have been implemented by the administration. In such evaluation, the Board may call upon staff, students and community participation.

The Board directs the Superintendent of Schools to bring to its attention any policy areas in need of revision or new development. The Board shall review the entire manual at least once every three years to ensure that the manual is up-to-date. The Board shall note those policies which must be reviewed even more frequently (e.g., student conduct and discipline, investments and purchasing, which must be reviewed annually).

At the final meeting of the Board in June of each year, each Board member shall submit his/her copy of the Board policy manual to the Superintendent for updating and revisions. At the Annual Organizational Meeting, each Board member shall be provided with an up-to-date copy for use during the following year.

Board policy may be revised as outlined in Policy 2410, Formulation, Adoption and Amendment of Policy.

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General Municipal Law, §§39; 104-b
8 NYCRR §100.2(1)(2)

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