Series: Series2000     Sub Series: 2400     Policy Number: 2450
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The Board of Education recognizes the need for widespread familiarity with district policies, and therefore directs the Superintendent of Schools to implement the following:

1. maintain an updated policy manual that takes precedence over all previous manuals, and be responsible for its presence at all Board meetings;

2. issue to each Board member, for the duration of his/her term, a complete and updated policy manual in an appropriate binder;

3. ensure that personnel are familiar with Board policies and administrative regulations which affect them, directly or indirectly. The Board requires that all employees sign a statement that they have read and understood the policy manual, or appropriate sections thereof;

4. disseminate Board policies and manuals to all concerned, as he/she deems appropriate and/or necessary; and

5. place a copy of the Board policy manual in the high school library, district offices, and the public library to ensure that district policies are available to the public.

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