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The Board of Education upholds and supports the District’s Mission as stated in our Comprehensive District Education Plan by creating and encouraging opportunities for all Rhinebeck Central School District graduates to become:

· Self-directed learners, who use positive core values to create a positive vision for themselves and their future, set priorities, and achievable goals, create options for themselves, monitor and evaluate their progress, and assume responsibility for their actions.

· Collaborative workers, who use effective leadership and group skills to develop and manage interpersonal relationships within culturally and organizationally diverse settings.

· Complex thinkers, who identify, access, integrate, and use available resources and information to reason, make decisions, and solve complex problems in a variety of contexts.

· Community contributors, who contribute their time, energies, and talents to improving the welfare of others and the quality of life in their diverse communities.

· Quality producers, who create intellectual, artistic, practical, and physical products which reflect originality, high standards, and the use of appropriate advanced technologies.

· Ethical decision-makers, who exemplify the principles of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, integrity, fairness, caring and citizenship.

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