Series: Series2000     Sub Series: 2400     Policy Number: 2410
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The formulation and adoption of written policies shall constitute one method by which the Board shall exercise its leadership in the operation of the district.

Application of such policies to individual problems and tasks is an administrative function to be performed by the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent shall, in turn, when he/she deems necessary, or when directed by the Board, prepare written regulations to ensure the implementation of the policy.

The Superintendent in cooperation with any group he/she deems necessary shall recommend policies for adoption and recommend revision of existing policies. The Board may direct the Superintendent to prepare or revise a policy.

Specific policy proposals and suggested amendments to or revisions of existing policies shall be submitted to all members of the Board in writing prior to a regularly scheduled Board meeting. No policy or amendment or revision shall be adopted unless it has been read and discussed at a Board of Education meeting prior to the meeting at which it is adopted. Policies may be adopted through formal resolution by a majority vote of the Board.

It shall be the duty of the Board to reappraise its policies periodically, in view of the changing law, needs of the community and schools.

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Education Law §§1604(a); 1709(1); 1804

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