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The use of any tape recording device at public meetings of the Board of Education or committee appointed thereby is permissible as long as the device is unobtrusive and will not distract from the true deliberative process of the Board. The Board President or chairperson of the committee shall be informed prior to the meeting that such recordings are being made.

The Board and/or the committee reserves the right to direct that a tape recording be made to ensure a reliable, accurate, and complete account of Board meetings.

The Board permits the broadcasting of public meetings of the Board or any of its committees as long as such broadcasting is done in a manner which is unobtrusive and does not interfere with the deliberative process of the body.

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Open Meetings Law, Public Officers Law §§100 et seq. 
Mitchell v. Board of Education of Garden City UFSD, 113 AD2d 924 (1985)
People v. Ystueta, 99 Misc 2d 1105(1979)

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