Series: Series2000     Sub Series: 2300     Policy Number: 2360
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The Board of Education will maintain a complete and accurate set of minutes of each meeting. Such minutes shall constitute the official record of proceedings of the Board and shall be open to public inspection within one week of executive sessions and within two weeks of all other meetings. Minutes which have not been approved by the Board within this time frame shall be marked, "DRAFT." A draft of the minutes of each meeting is to be forwarded to each member of the Board not later than the time the agenda for the next meeting is disseminated.

All motions, proposals, resolutions, and any other matters formally voted upon by the Board shall be recorded in Board minutes. In recording such votes, the record shall indicate the final vote of each Board member.

If a Board member is not present at the opening of a meeting, the subsequent arrival time of such member shall be indicated in the minutes.

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Open Meetings Law, Public Officers Law §§100 et seq. 
Freedom of Information Law, Public Officers Law §§84 et seq. 
Education Law §2121

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