Series: Series2000     Sub Series: 2200     Policy Number: 2265
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The Board of Education has adopted a Plan for Shared Decision-Making and Structured Participation that provides a structural framework of powers and responsibilities to further the implementation of the ideal of shared decision-making with the community to improve education in our schools.

A copy of the Plan shall be available at each school and at the district office; individual copies of the plan will be provided upon request.

Every two years, the Board shall review the Plan to determine its effectiveness and to recertify or amend the plan, as needed. Any amendment or recertification of the plan will be developed and adopted in accordance with section 100.11 of the Regulations of the Commissioner.

The amended or recertified plan, together with a statement of the plan's success in achieving its objectives, shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Education for approval no later than February 1st of each year in which biennial review takes place. The first such review shall have been submitted to the Commissioner no later than February 1, 1996.

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