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District Clerk

The Board of Education shall appoint a District Clerk for a period of one year, from July 1 through June 30 of each year. Such appointment will be made at the reorganizational meeting. The District Clerk will be responsible for the following:

District Clerk Responsibilities

1. Minutes of Board of Education meetings:

• record all formal actions;

• record a brief summary of discussions;

• submit minutes of previous meeting to Board for approval; and

• maintain a permanent minutes book located on school property.

2. Minutes of special school district meetings:

• record all formal action;

• submit minutes of previous meetings to Board for approval; and

• place a copy of the approved minutes in the permanent minutes book.

3. Voting at special school district meetings:

• shall supervise poll registration.

4. Notification:

• signs official documents and correspondence of the district;

• supervises the placing of legal notices as required; and

• receives and reports any appeals, answers, orders of the Commissioner, etc., to the Board.

5. Miscellaneous items:

• keeps all oaths of office;

• signs the warrant after the Board has authorized payment of bills; and

• authorizes the use of the school seal as necessary.

District Treasurer

The Board shall also appoint a District Treasurer for a term of one year from July 1 through June 30. General duties are as follows:

1. Custodian of all district monies except for the extra-curricular activities fund. He/she shall report monthly to the Board.

2. Supervises the receipts and disbursements of district monies.

3. Supervises the tax collection procedure.

4. Is responsible for the issuance of checks and invoices.

5. Supervises the bookkeeping system in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts for School Districts.

6. Presents a monthly budget status report.

The District Treasurer is to be bonded in an amount fixed and approved by the Board of Education.


Tax Collector

The Tax Collector position is a one-year paid position appointed by the Board from July 1 through June 30. General duties are as follows:

1. On receipt of the warrant and tax roll from the District Clerk, the Tax Collector will issue bills, collect and receive money, give legal notice, and maintain the tax roll.

2. At the end of the tax collection period, the Tax Collector will prepare a listing of unpaid taxes to be submitted to the Board and returned to the county.

3. Monies received will be deposited daily in the bank depository.

4. Procedures for the collection and handling of money will be subject to the approval of the District Treasurer.

5. The Tax Collector is to be bonded in an amount fixed and approved by the Board.

District Auditor

The financial records of the district will be reviewed annually by an independent auditor appointed by the Board in conformance with the Education Law.

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Education Law §§902; 2116-a; 2121; 2122; 2130

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