Series: Series2000     Sub Series: 2100     Policy Number: 2120.1
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Candidates for the office of member of the Board of Education shall be nominated by petition. Such petition shall be directed to the District Clerk, shall contain the signatures and addresses of at least 25 qualified voters of the district or 2 percent of the voters who voted in the previous election, whichever is greater, and shall state the name and residence of the candidate. Each petition shall be filed with the District Clerk not later than 30 days preceding the Annual Meeting and Election at which the candidates so nominated are to be elected.

Candidates for vacancies shall be arranged according to lot and the Clerk of the Board shall conduct the drawing on the day following the last possible date for candidates to file a petition. The Board may reject nominations if the candidate is ineligible or has declared an unwillingness to serve.

Vacancies on the Board are not to be considered separate specific offices.


Electioneering during the hours of any vote is prohibited within the polling place or within 100 feet of any such polling place. Displays or handout items of any political nature, except those provided by law, shall be prohibited by any individual, group or organization in any school building on those days when the polls are open for voting on school district matters, including, but not limited to, the annual school budget, candidates for the Board of Education, special propositions, etc.

Campaign Expenditure Statements

All candidates for Board membership shall fulfill all legal requirements regarding the filing of campaign expenditure statements.

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Education Law §2018; 2032

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