Series: Series2000     Sub Series: 2100     Policy Number: 2110
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The Board of Education’s responsibility is to establish educational policy and confer upon the Superintendent of Schools the necessary authority to ensure effective administration of such policy.

The Board is charged with carrying out the duties imposed upon it by law. It is also the responsibility of the Board, as is possible, to ascertain the representative wishes of the community with respect to the education of its children and the operation of its school district. It is equally the responsibility of the Board, after carefully weighing all relevant factors, to make decisions while fully realizing that the action of the Board may not be equally pleasing to all segments of the community. The best interests of all the students and the resources of the school district will guide the Board in its deliberation.

In giving direction to the Superintendent, the Board shall act by a majority vote of the whole Board, unless otherwise specified in law. The Superintendent makes necessary staff assignments to carry out the decisions of the Board. The Superintendent provides the Board with recommendations, facts and figures to assist in its decision-making role.

It is the obligation of the Board to establish an effective reporting system and evaluation of the Superintendent’s performance to make certain its policies are effectively carried out.

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Education Law §§1604; 1604-a; 1701; 1708; 1709; 1710

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