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The Board of Education will consist of seven members. The term of office will be three years. The term of office of a member elected to the Board shall commence on July 1 next following the member’s election. Board members are responsible for school district management and policy-making.

The Legislature provides that Board members, while they are elected or appointed locally, are actually agents of the state and members of a corporate body, chosen to carry out the mandates imposed by the Legislature and to consider and accept or reject the provisions of permissive laws. In the absence of state laws to the contrary, the Board shall consider itself the agent responsible for establishing and appraising educational activity.

School District Legal Status

The Rhinebeck Central School District of Dutchess County, New York, is a centralized school district formed under the laws of New York State. It shall conform to all requirements of law, and unless otherwise specified, the policies and procedures in effect in this district shall apply to all district functions and activities.

The district boundaries of the Rhinebeck Central School include the village of Rhinebeck and the towns of Rhinebeck, Clinton, Hyde Park, Milan, Red Hook, and Stanford. A map and available records of all actions creating the school district shall be maintained by the Superintendent.

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Education Law §§1701; 1702; 1703; 1804(1); 2101(2); 2105 

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