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The Board of Education acknowledges that resident parents/guardians have the right and may elect to provide educational requirements mandated by New York State law and regulations for their child in their homes or otherwise outside of the public or non-public schools. The exercise of such right shall constitute “home instruction.”

Parents/Guardians who wish to educate their child(ren) at home must submit to the district a letter of intent and an individual home instruction plan (IHIP), outlining the educational goals to be met and the course materials and syllabi to be used each year or a plan of instruction to be followed for the child's learning process. The district may accept or deny an IHIP. Parents/Guardians must submit quarterly reports and an annual assessment, as specified in the regulations of the Commissioner of Education, which will provide the district with the necessary information to make determinations that substantial adequate academic progress has been made.

Parents/Guardians may appeal to the Board a determination by the Superintendent of Schools or designee that an IHIP is not in compliance with the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. Parents/Guardians shall have the right to appeal the final determination of the Board to the Commissioner of Education within 30 days of receipt of such determination.

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Education Law §3202(4)
8 NYCRR §100.10
Matter of Abookire, 33 EDR 473 (1994)

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