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Students and staff members shall not purposefully advertise or promote the interests of any non-school agency or organization, public or private, be it political, sectarian, or commercial in nature, in school or on school premises without the approval of the Board or its delegated representative. Any such approval of the Board or its delegated representative, and any such approval granted for whatever cause or group, shall not be construed as an endorsement of said cause or group.

This policy does not prohibit announcements and publicity by non-profit community groups being made in the school seeking to advertise their campaigns and/or to ask for student volunteers. Any such requests must be cleared in advance through the Building Principal’s office.

Such announcements may be made at the time regular school announcements are made. Publicity will be limited to the usual student newspaper, bulletin board and poster activity conducted for school organizations. All announcements and publicity must be cleared in advance to assure that they do not contain an implication that an activity is conducted as an official school activity or any material that might be considered coercive by any students or staff. School officials retain the right to deny a non-school request or restrict its publicity.

In the case of colleges, universities, armed service agencies, corporations, businesses and public service agencies, it is the policy of the Board that access to schools shall be encouraged to bring career and occupational information to students. The Superintendent shall ensure that such activities are carefully monitored to restrict any commercial advertisement.

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