Series: Series8000     Sub Series: 8400 TRANSPORTATION     Policy Number: 8420
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The Board of Education recognizes that emissions that accumulate from school buses and other vehicles on school property can be harmful to students, staff and the environment.  The Board further recognizes that unnecessary idling by school buses and other District vehicles wastes fuel and financial resources.  Idling is defined as the operation of the engine of a vehicle while the vehicle is not in motion and not being used to operate auxiliary equipment that is essential to the basic operation of the vehicle.    


The Board, therefore, prohibits unnecessary idling by school buses, other District owned, contracted for or leased vehicles and visitor vehicles on school property and at school activities. 


The Superintendent of Schools shall develop procedures consistent with this policy and shall ensure that school bus drivers and other appropriate school personnel receive training to implement this policy.  The Superintendent shall also ensure that parents are notified annually of the District’s anti-idling policy. 


“No idling” signs will be posted to alert bus drivers, other employees and parents to turn off vehicles when waiting to drop off or pick up students or when parked. 




1st Reading   11/27/07
2nd Reading  12/11/07


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