Series: Series6000     Sub Series: 6800 PAYROLL     Policy Number: 6830.2
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It is recognized that specific district employees will be required to carry cellular telephones to meet their job responsibilities.  Job titles requiring cellular telephones shall be listed and reviewed annually by the Business Official.  The report of usage and cost will be audited by the Business Official and Internal Claim Auditor no less than every three months.


The District shall establish the level of service contract for each specific employee, with the contract for same subject to review and approval by the Purchasing Agent.  The employee shall make every attempt to use his/her cellular phones for only business purposes; however, in the event an employee uses a cellular phone for other than business purposes, he/she shall reimburse the District for such non-business telephone charges within fifteen school days from date of notice from the Business Office.


Individuals authorized to use district cellular telephones shall agree in writing to accept financial responsibility for any non-business usage by that individual.


At least once a year, the Business Official shall evaluate the effectiveness of the cellular telephone plan. 




1st Reading   10/25/05
2nd Reading  11/08/05


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