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The buildings and grounds of the district should be used and enjoyed by the residents of the school district, not only as essential elements in the educational programs of the district, but as civic facilities open to the community for its use and enjoyment. To this end, the Board encourages the public use of school facilities when such facilities are not being used for school district purposes or when such use will interfere with the programs and activities of the school district.

The Board directs the Superintendent of Schools to develop regulations to allow for the public use of school district property and facilities while protecting the school district from liability. Regulations should be reasonable and proper and not be deterrents to the recreational and educational desires of the community.

Permission may be granted to non-school organizations to use school facilities under the following general considerations:

1. For social, civic and recreational meetings and entertainments which are non-exclusive and open to the public.

2. For meetings, entertainments and occasions where admission fees are charged, but only where the proceeds are expended for an educational or charitable purpose (including veterans’ organizations, organizations of volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers, senior citizens groups, and non-profit organizations).

3. For recreation, physical training and athletics, including competitive athletic contests of children attending a private nonprofit school.

4. For child care services during non-school hours, provided that the cost of such care shall not be a school district charge but shall be paid by the person responsible for the support of such child, by the local social services district as authorized by law, or by any other public or private voluntary source or any combination thereof.

Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered an endorsement of or approval of the activity group or organization nor the purposes they represent.

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Education Law §414

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