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The Board of Education permits the use of District credit cards by certain school officials and Board members to pay for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of work-related duties for the District.    A list of those individuals that will be issued a District credit card will be maintained in the Business Office and reported to the Board each year at its annual organizational meeting in July.  All credit cards will be in the name of the school district.  The Board will annually determine the credit limit for such cards.


The terms of use must include that the District preserves its right to refuse to pay any claim or portion thereof that is not expressly authorized, does not constitute a proper District share, or supersedes any laws, rules, regulations or policies otherwise applicable.  In addition, the Board will ensure that no claim shall be paid unless an itemized voucher approved by the officer whose action gave rise or origin to the claim shall have been presented to the Board or sub-committee of the Board, and shall have been audited and allowed. Otherwise, the user of the credit card may be held personally responsible for the payment of any District credit card charge that does not adhere to the process outlined in this policy.  


Credit cards may only be used for legitimate school district business expenditures.  The use of a District credit card should not be used to circumvent the District's policy on purchasing and should only be used when a vendor will not accept a school district purchase order.


Users must take proper care of the credit card and take all reasonable precautions against damage, loss, or theft. &nbspAny damage, loss, or theft must be reported immediately to the Business Office and to the appropriate financial institution.  Failure to take proper care of credit cards or failure to report damage, loss or theft may subject the employee to financial liability.


Purchases that are unauthorized, illegal, represent a conflict of interest, are personal in nature, or violate the intent of this policy shall result in credit card revocation and discipline of the employee.


Each cardholder shall be apprised of the procedures governing the use of the credit card, and a copy of this policy and accompanying regulations shall be given to each cardholder.  Users must submit detailed documentation, including itemized receipts for commodities, services, travel and/or other actual and necessary expenses which have been incurred in connection with school-related business for which the credit card has been used.


The Assistant Superintendent for Support Services shall monitor the use of each credit card monthly and report any serious problems and/or discrepancies directly to the Superintendent and the Board.

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6700, 6830,

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Ref: Education Law §§1724(1); 2524(1) (itemized, audited and approved vouchers required)

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