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Substitute teachers and substitute teaching assistants are not covered by the Rhinebeck Teachers Association ("R.T.A.") agreement.  Those who are appointed to a fixed term as a substitute for at least a semester or at least five-months duration in the same assignment for the same instructional staff member shall be placed on the salary step based upon the RTA Agreement Salary Schedule, as calculated for a new hire, when it is readily acknowledged that the staff member for whom he/she is substituting will be out for such extended period time or fixed duration.  Such substitute teacher or teaching assistant shall be entitled to pro-rated sick leave, personal leave, and health insurance based upon the provisions of the R.T.A. Agreement. The RTA  president will be provided notice upon such an appointment by the Board of Education.


Substitute teachers or teaching assistants, therefore, who are appointed for a fixed term of less than a semester or less than five-months duration in the same assignment for the same instructional staff member, are not entitled to salary and benefits based upon the RTA Agreement.  These substitute instructional staff shall receive compensation at one of the following substitute rates to be established annually by the Board of Education:

Substitute rates will be determined by the Board of Education at the Annual Organizational Meeting, through the Board's approval of non-unit salaries for a given school year.  

If the fixed duration of the substitute assignment is required to be extended beyond thirty (30) consecutive instructional days, a change in compensation will commence upon the effective date that the school district receives and verifies documentation, in writing, of the need to extend the teacher or teaching assistant coverage period for such fixed period, as follows:

Coverage for the same teacher or teaching assistant who is absent for more than 30 consecutive days will include, in addition to the planning for and delivery of instruction, the provision of all other duties that are the responsibility of the regular teacher or teaching assistant. 

All substitutes will arrange for the direct deposit of their wages. 

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