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It is the policy of the Board of Education that, whenever practicable, public concerns involving school personnel should be brought to the attention of District staff in the following order:


           1.     the affected staff member

           2.     the staff member’s immediate supervisor

3.         the Superintendent

4.         the Board of Education


           Concerns regarding individual staff members should, where possible, be resolved at the level closest to where the concern arises and as soon as possible following the occurrence giving rise to the concern.


           However, whenever a concern is brought directly to the Board or to an individual Board member, it shall be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for study and possible solution by the employee’s immediate supervisor. The staff member involved shall be advised in due course of the nature of the concern and shall be given a full opportunity to explain, comment, and present the facts as he/she sees them.  If the concern is not able to be resolved by the employee’s immediate supervisor, the matter will be addressed by the Superintendent.


           Consistent with the Open Meetings Law, the Board shall discuss issues pertaining to concerns about a staff member in executive session.


           The Board shall conduct such meetings in as fair and just a manner as possible. The Board may enlist a disinterested third party to act as moderator to help it reach a mutually satisfactory solution.


Public Concerns About Bus Drivers


           Whenever practicable, the proper channeling through the school of concerns involving bus drivers is:

1.      the Bus driver

2.      the Terminal Manager

3.      the School Principal

4.      the Business Administrator

5.      the Superintendent

6.   the Board of Education



1st Reading     1/11/00, 1/08/13 

2nd Reading    3/12/02, 1/22/13



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Education Law §§3012; 3020-a
Civil Service Law §75
8 NYCRR Part 84

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