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Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the Board of Education will approve or reject the employment of part time teachers consistent with the needs of the school district.

The appointment of part time personnel will not extend beyond the school year for which employment is made.

Part time employees will meet all necessary certification requirements, and any non unit part time teachers will be compensated for their work on a prorated basis commensurate with their placement on their salary schedule.

The administration is responsible for the development of an up to date handbook for part-time employees. This handbook will better inform those employees of information necessary to their understanding of the school program, their place in it, and will help them to plan their time more efficiently. The handbook will include information on at least the following topics:

1. school administration;

2. school calendar;

3. pay dates;

4. sick leave regulations;

5. employee benefits;

6. district jury duty policy; and

7. district employee listing.

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Education Law 2509; 3101(3); 3012 

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