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      The Board recognizes that members of the staff must enjoy private lives and may conduct business activities apart from school time and school obligations. The responsibility of the Board and its supervisory staff usually does not extend past evaluation of staff members in terms of their faithfulness and effectiveness to school duties and responsibilities; however, when it is apparent that non-school activities affect the school activities of a staff member, the Board reserves the right to evaluate the impact of such activities upon the responsibilities of the staff member consistent with the RTA contract.


            For the guidance of the staff in the conduct of their personal activities, the Board adopts the following policies to minimize the possibility of a conflict of interest:


  1. The Board does not endorse, support or assume liability for any staff member from this school district who conducts outside activities in which students and employees of this district may participate.


  1. No staff members may use school facilities nor school time to solicit customers for their private enterprises without applying for a school use permit in accordance with district policy and regulations.


  1. Staff members are discouraged from tutoring for a fee any student in their class, but may do so off district premises and at times when classes are not in session, upon the request of the parents and with the permission of the principal.


  1. Staff members indicted for a crime may be suspended with pay pending the outcome of the trial and in accordance with State Law.


  1. Staff members should not give school time to outside activities when there is no valid reason to be excused from professional duties without the permission of the Superintendent, consistent with the RTA contract on personal leave.

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