Series: Series9000     Sub Series: 9000     Policy Number: 9193
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The Board of Education may create Clerical Student Worker and Custodial Student Worker positions as needed. In order to provide a fair opportunity to all qualified students, all student worker positions shall be filled by a lottery, which shall be held on an “as needed” basis.

Student Workers shall be under the supervision of an adult at all times, but may be left alone to fulfill specified tasks. Student workers shall be trained by a qualified adult in all the tasks that they are required to do. Student Workers shall be instructed in the proper safety procedures regarding any substances or equipment they may be required to handle, or that they might come in contact with during the normal course of their employment. Student Workers shall not be exposed to highly toxic or caustic materials, and shall not be employed to perform dangerous activities.

The Board of Education shall adopt hiring procedures for the implementation of this policy. The Superintendent shall institute appropriate work rules and practices for the implementation of the other provisions of this policy.

Procedures for Hiring:

  1. Student Worker positions may be created as after school jobs or as summer jobs, and shall comply with all provisions of Federal and New York State Law regarding the employment of minors.
  1. Student Workers shall be employed at the minimum wage and shall be covered by Workers’ Compensation. Student Workers are not entitled to District paid health insurance, paid sick leave, paid vacation, or any other benefits that the district grants to its full time employees, unless otherwise required by law.
  1. All Qualified Students may apply for Student Worker positions. A Qualified Student is a District resident High School or Middle School student who:

a) Has a valid employment certificate (working papers) issued by the Superintendent of Schools; and

b) Has a grade point average of 65 or better.

  1. Students shall complete an application for Student Worker, and shall indicate if they have a preference for clerical or custodial work. The Superintendent shall provide for the creation of an appropriate application.

The names of all qualified applicants for Student Worker positions shall be entered into a lottery pool. All student applicants are entitled to be present for the lottery selection process. The names of selected students shall be placed on a list in the order in which they were drawn from the pool. All Student worker positions shall be filled from the list of selected students in order in which the names appear on the list. The Superintendent shall retain the right to refuse to recommend for appointment any individual to any position, as long as it is not for a discriminatory reason.


  1. A student may decline an appointment if she/he no longer wants a position or has a stated preference for clerical or custodial work. A student who declines an appointment for reasons other than preference of position shall be removed from the list. A student who declines an appointment for reasons of “preference” shall remain on the list and shall be canvassed for his/her preferred category in the order that their name appears on the list.
  1. A Student Worker is subject to summary discharge if they cannot, or do not perform the work as assigned in a satisfactory manner. Student workers are also subject to summary discharge for absenteeism, tardiness, insubordination, school suspension, 2 detentions, the use of controlled or illegal substances (including but not limited to tobacco and alcohol), leaving the work site without permission, and failure to follow instructions.

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