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The purpose of this regulation is to provide guidelines for the review of curricula and/or instructional materials, including but not limited to textbooks or library books, in response to public complaints thereof, as follows:.


1.               In the event of a complaint about a certain curriculum or portion thereof, or of instructional materials, including textbooks, library books, an informal conference will be held between the teacher or library media specialist, as appropriate and the  individual raising the concern.


2.               If the concern is not able to be addressed satisfactorily between the teacher and the concerned individual, the concern should be brought to the attention of the building principal for a meeting to review and resolve the concern.


3.               If still unresolved, the concerned individual will make the Superintendent of Schools aware of the ongoing concern either verbally or in writing.


4.               The concerned individual will be asked to submit the details of his/her concern in writing on the prescribed Instructional Materials Review form to the Superintendent of Schools.


5.               Concurrently, the Superintendent will form and convene an Instructional Materials Review Committee. The Committee will consist of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, several teachers or other staff members with expertise in the particular curricular area related to the concern, including the library media specialist if and as appropriate, and or other individuals when appropriate to the concern raised, at the discretion of the Superintendent.


6.               The Committee shall review the textbook, library book, and/or instructional material in question, as well as the details of the concern as outlined on the Instructional Materials Review form.  The Committee will make recommendations to the Superintendent concerning the disposition of the concern under review.


7.               A decision will be rendered by the Superintendent in response to the concern and the recommendations of the Instructional Materials Review Committee.


8.               The concerned individual may appeal the decision of the Superintendent of Schools to the Board of Education. The decision of the Board shall be final.


Reviewed by BOE 01-22-13




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REQUEST INITIATED BY __________________________________


ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________ 


TELEPHONE __________________  E-MAIL ________________________________




_____ Self


_____ (Name of organization) ______________________________________________


_____ (Identify other group) _______________________________________________





___ Curriculum (specify lesson, unit, etc)





___ Textbook (specify title, author, & publisher, if known)





___ Library Book (specify title, author, & publisher, if known)     




___ Other Instructional Material (specify)





1.      To what in the instructional material do you object?  (Please be specific; cite pages, etc)







2.      What of value is there in this instructional material?





3.      What do you feel might be the result of using this instructional material?





4.      For what age group would you recommend this instructional material?





5.      Did you read/review the entire material, i.e. textbook, library book, curriculum?




6.      What pages, sections, portions, etc?





7.      Are you aware of the teacher’s purpose for using this instructional material?  If so, what do you find objectionable about that purpose?





8.      What do you believe is the purpose for using this instructional material?





9.      What would you prefer the teacher/school/school district to do about this instructional material?





10.  What instructional material of equal or greater value would you recommend be used as an alternative?






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