Series: Series9000     Sub Series: 9000     Policy Number: 9191
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    The Board directs the Superintendent to maintain a personnel file for each employee employed by the school district.


The Personnel File



            The personnel file shall include all records and documents collected and retained by the school concerning the employee, including:


  1. Evaluation reports made by the administration.
  2. Commendations of and complaints against the employee made by the administration.
  3. Written suggestions for corrections and improvements made by the administration.
  4. Teacher/administrator certificates.
  5. Health certificates.
  6. Standard test scores.
  7. Academic records.
  8. Application forms.
  9. All other records kept about an employee in accordance with the civil rights of the employee.


Location of Personnel File



            The personnel file shall be maintained in the district office.


Additions to Personnel File


            No evaluation, commendation, complaint or suggestion shall be placed in the personnel file unless it meets the following requirements:


  1. The comment must be signed and dated by the person making the evaluation, commendation, complaint, or suggestion; and


  1. For the teachers’ personnel files, the contract provides the following:


Each teacher shall have the right, upon request, to review the contents of his own confidential personnel file. A representative of the Association may, at the teacher’s request, accompany the teacher in this review.


Written materials considered by the District to be derogatory shall be furnished to the teacher prior to being placed within the teacher’s personnel file. Within three (3) school days of the presentation of the final draft of the derogatory material, the teacher must sign the same. Such signature shall not be construed to indicate agreement with the contents thereof. After the three (3) school day period, the material shall be placed in the teacher’s personnel file. The teacher shall have the right to respond in writing to such derogatory material and to have the written response attached thereto and placed within the personnel file within thirty (30) calendar days of the placement of the material in the teacher’s personnel file.


General Access to Personnel File



            Access to a personnel file shall be permitted to the following persons without the consent of the employee about whom the file is maintained:


  1. Those school officials involved in the evaluation process of the individual; and


  1. The Board of Education, if its examination of the file relates to the duties and responsibilities of the Board.


            No other person shall have access to a personnel file except under the following circumstances:


  1. When the employee gives written consent for the release of his records. The written consent must specify the records to be released and to whom they are to be released. Each request for consent shall be handled separately; blanket permission for release of information shall not be accepted.


  1. When the records have been subpoenaed or sought by court order.





            The Superintendent or his designee shall have the responsibility for maintaining and preserving the confidentiality of employee personnel files, and for granting or denying access.

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