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Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Teachers and Administrators shall abide by the Code of Ethics set forth in the bylaws of the Board of Education, 2.360, in accordance with Section 806 of the General Municipal Law.
  1. Teachers shall be directly responsible to the administrator in charge of their building, in terms of school regulations, professional growth, and curriculum study.
  1. It shall be the duty of the teacher to keep informed concerning the policies and rules and regulations of the Board. It shall be the duty of the district and building administration to keep hand books up-to-date.
  1. Teachers shall attend all meetings scheduled by the superintendent or administrator unless excused in advance.
  1. Teachers shall be responsible for the general discipline of students in their classrooms and shall cooperate in the discipline in the building on school grounds.
  1. Pursuant to Section 3002 of the Education Law, teachers must sign an affirmation of allegiance upon entering service with the school district.
  1. Teachers shall not dismiss their pupils earlier than the regularly scheduled time without permission of the administrator or superintendent.
  1. A teacher shall not leave his/her pupils unsupervised without prior permission or extenuating circumstances.

II. Specifically, a teacher shall:

  1. Administer the classroom and its educational program.
  1. Help plan the school program as requested.
  1. Participate in the in-service program of the school according to mutually acceptable terms and conditions.
  1. Be accessible to work with students, parents and other school personnel in planning for each student when circumstances dictate this higher level of consideration.
  1. Present all sides of significant current questions.
  1. Care for and account for school property.
  1. Work closely and harmoniously with colleagues.
  1. Perform other duties as assigned within the parameter of the contract.
  1. Plan curriculum in advance according to criteria satisfactory to the building principal.

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