Series: Series9000     Sub Series: 9000     Policy Number: 9120
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1. Recommendation:

The Superintendent will recommend the hiring of all professional employees to the Board. The resolution for the Board’s approval must contain appointee’s name, tenure area, effective date of appointment, length of probationary period, and area of certification, if any, in which candidate is appointed.

2. Certification:

Unless the District can substantiate an inability to secure a certified teacher in accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations, only certified teachers will be employed.

3. Familiarity with Board Policy:

All District personnel are responsible for acquainting themselves with the Board’s policies and administrative procedures. This can be done through the appropriate handbooks, either hard copy or on the district web site, and administrators. As new policies are adopted, handbooks will be updated.

4. Assignment:

Appointments, assignments, and reassignments among offices, divisions, and schools shall be made by the superintendent in consultation with the administrator responsible and in accordance with the teachers’ contract.

5. Incidental Teaching:

The Superintendent of Schools may assign a teacher to teach a subject not covered by the teacher’s certificate or license for up to five classroom hours a week. In order to accomplish this, the Superintendent shall submit an application to the Commissioner when no certified qualified teacher is available after extensive and documented recruitment and provided the Commissioner of Education approves the assignment.

The Superintendent shall inform parents in writing about the incidental teaching assignments to the classes in which their children have been placed. The information provided should include the teacher’s experience and knowledge of the subject matter so parents are aware of the teacher’s qualifications to teach the subject.

If a parent appeals an incidental teaching assignment, the appeals process shall begin with the filing of a written complaint with the Building Principal. If the complaint remains unresolved at this level, the complaint is appealable to the Superintendent. If still unresolved, the parent may appeal to the Board for a final determination. If the complaint concerns a particular teacher’s qualifications, the Board may meet in executive session to discuss the issue.

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