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 Public concerns about curricula and/or textbooks, library books and other instructional material should be directed to the classroom teacher or the library media specialist, as appropriate. If unresolved to the satisfaction of the individual raising the concern, it should then be directed to the attention of the building principal. If still unresolved by the building principal, the concern should be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools. 

           The Superintendent shall promulgate regulations subject to Board review establishing a complaint procedure which shall include:

1.        an opportunity for an informal conference with the concerned individual;

2.        the submission of formal written concerns on a prescribed form;

3.        the formation of an instructional material review committee. An instructional material     review committee, consisting of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, teachers or other staff with expertise related to the particular curricular area, and/or other individuals deemed appropriate to the task, will be selected at the discretion of the Superintendent and convened upon his/her receipt of the concern. The committee shall review the details of the concern, including the textbook, library book, and/or instructional material in question and make recommendations to the Superintendent concerning the disposition of any concern;

4.        a decision by the Superintendent; and

5.        the ability to appeal to the Board. The decision of the Board shall be final.

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Education Law §§1709(15); 1711(5)(f)
Board of Educ., Island Trees UFSD v. Pico, 457 US 853 (1982)

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