Series: Series8000     Sub Series: 8100 HEALTH AND SAFETY     Policy Number: 8414.6
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The Administration shall implement the following procedures for any accident with buses owned by its contractors.


Regarding Students


  1. If a hazardous situation exists, students are to be removed from the bus under supervision. Extremely hazardous situations should be handled by emergency personnel.
  2. As well as possible, each student’s wellness is to be ascertained at the site initially by the driver and then by emergency personnel.
  3. Upon arriving at school from the accident, students will report to the school nurse.
  4. Parents of students involved in the accident will be notified by a telephone call, and those students will take home a letter the next school day.


Regarding Bus Operation


  1. The bus operator will call the dispatcher, who will notify the Police and the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services’ office. That office will notify the schools and principals affected by the accident.
  2. The police will coordinate the dispatching of emergency personnel.
  3. The dispatcher will send another bus to the scene.
  4. The bus operator will make a list of students on the bus at the time, if he/she is able. The Assistant Superintendent for Support Services or his/her designee will go to the accident site to verify the roster.
  5. Under no condition is the driver to leave the scene of the accident, unless cleared by the police.
  6. Accidents “after regular school hours” with sports buses or late buses will be reported through the above steps, except that the dispatcher will call the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, the Superintendent of Schools, the appropriate building administrator, or another available school administrator.
  7. If an accident occurs when the bus is taking students home, the dispatcher will notify the bus contractor’s home base, the business office and the Building Principal. The Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, the Building Principal, or his/her designee will call the parents of the students involved.


Within 72 hours of an accident, the bus contractor will provide a copy of all forms used by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the contractor to record the events of the accident, as well as all accident investigation reports.

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