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Only employees of the bus contractor who have acquired the appropriate commercial driver’s license (CDL) and who have complied with the regulations of the Commissioners of Motor Vehicles and Education may drive students to and from home on regularly scheduled routes. No other person may operate a school bus on a scheduled route for the purpose of transporting students to and from home.


For an individual to be qualified as a school bus driver, he or she must:



All school bus driver candidates will be fingerprinted so the district can obtain any criminal record from state and federal authorities. In addition, the district will check the driving and employment records of each bus driver, in a manner prescribed by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. Training on school bus safety practices and the special needs of children with disabilities will be given as required by the regulations of the Commissioner of Education.


Bus drivers will display professional conduct at all times, as defined by the school district’s Code of Conduct, on or around buses contracted by the school district, especially while they are driving students and en route to or from school or school activities. Such professional conduct will include the use of appropriate language and refraining from the use of tobacco products, alcohol, and other substances prohibited by the Code of Conduct, as well as from cellphone use while driving and other behaviors prohibited by law while driving. In addition, bus drivers will be provided with sexual harassment and Dignity for All Students Act training each year, and will be expected to comply with all requirements and recommendations included in the training.  


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General Reference:

Education Law §3624 
Vehicle and Traffic Law, Article 19 A
8 NYCRR §156.3, as amended
15 NYCRR Part 6 

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