Series: Series8000     Sub Series: 8100 HEALTH AND SAFETY     Policy Number: 8220
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The district’s buildings are to be maintained in a safe and attractive manner.

Each year, a fire inspection must be carried out at all district buildings, in addition to a safety engineering report made by the district insurance carrier. The Board will direct the appropriate administrator to make every effort to correct reported deficiencies, and to provide for these corrections in the budget for the upcoming year. Periodically, the Building Principals will inspect school premises and note any areas in need of maintenance. During the school year, district staff will note hazards or safety problems and report them immediately to the Director of Facilities.

The buildings are to be kept clean at all times. The Director of Facilities will develop and supervise a schedule of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning and maintenance activities.

Every effort will be made to conserve energy. Room temperatures will be set by the Buildings and Grounds staff only. Lights will be turned off when not in use. Only minimum lighting for security will be used during non-school hours.

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