Series: Series8000     Sub Series: 8100 HEALTH AND SAFETY     Policy Number: 8212
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Any incidents of vandalism or theft of district property and the names of the person(s) believed to be responsible shall be reported to the appropriate building administrator, who will then report the incident to the Superintendent of Schools. Upon the determination of the Superintendent, the incident may be reported top the appropriate police agency.

After repair or replacement of property, a bill for labor and materials shall be sent to the parent(s)/guardian(s) with a request for payment. The Board may determine that legal action against a vandal and/or his/her parents/guardians should be brought to recover costs for damages caused by a willful, malicious or unlawful act of the child, as permitted under State law. In such a case, the Board will direct the school attorney to institute and prosecute such suit. The Board will also determine whether to offer monetary rewards, as permitted under State law, for information leading to the arrest and conviction of vandals or thieves of district property. Information pertaining to the investigation will be forwarded to the school attorney and the district attorney, as appropriate.

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Family Court Act §§757; 758-a 
General Obligations Law §3-112
Education Law §§1604(35), (38); 1709(36),(38); 2509-g(15)
General Municipal Law §789

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