Series: Series8000     Sub Series: 8100 HEALTH AND SAFETY     Policy Number: 8123.1
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Consistent with Federal regulation, the Superintendent of Schools shall establish a written Exposure Control Plan designed to eliminate or minimize employee exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials.

The Exposure Control Plan shall include:

1. a list of job classifications in which occupational exposure to blood or other infectious materials occurs;

2. the schedule and method of implementation required by federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations; and

3. documentation of the route(s) of exposure, and the circumstances under which the exposure incident occurred.

The district shall ensure that a copy of the Exposure Control Plan is accessible to all employees.

The Exposure Control Plan shall be reviewed and updated at least annually and whenever necessary to reflect new or modified tasks and procedures which affect occupational exposure and to reflect new or revised employee positions with occupational exposure.

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29 CFR §1910.1030

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