Series: Series8000     Sub Series: 8100 HEALTH AND SAFETY     Policy Number: 8121
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All staff members are responsible for securing first aid for students who become injured or ill while under school supervision. School health personnel are responsible for giving first aid or emergency treatment in case of sudden illness or injury to a student or staff members. Beyond emergency first aid, the medical care of the student is the parent’s responsibility. In case of a student's illness or injury, the school shall attempt to place the student in the care of a parent, guardian, or person designated by the parent or guardian in such cases, as soon as possible, yet the school must retain jurisdiction over and responsibility for the student until this has been done.

The school physician shall develop and distribute Medical First Aid standing orders and procedures for the nurse or other personnel to follow in emergencies. These procedures shall incorporate the following requirements:

1. no treatment except first aid is permitted in school;

2. a master first aid kit shall be kept and properly maintained in each school and each school bus;

3. no drugs shall be administered by school personnel unless authorized by a physician;

4. parents shall be asked to sign and submit an emergency medical authorization which shall indicate the procedure they wish the school to follow in the event of a medical emergency involving their child;

5. in all cases where the nature of an illness or an injury appears serious, the parent or guardian will be contacted if possible, and the instructions on the child's emergency card followed. In extreme emergencies, arrangements may be made for the child's immediate hospitalization whether or not the parent or guardian can be reached.

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Education Law §§3023; 3212-a; 6527(4)(a); 6909 

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