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The Board of Education recognizes the right of community members to register individual or group concerns regarding instruction, district programs, instructional materials, operations, and/or staff members. The main goal of the district is to resolve such concerns with the individual most directly involved with the concern whenever possible. 

           Public concerns about the school district will be directed to the proper administrative personnel. Concerns about specific classroom practices shall be directed to the relevant teacher. If the matter is not settled satisfactorily, the individual raising the concern shall then contact the Building Principal. If there is no resolution at this level, the Superintendent of Schools shall be contacted.

           Whenever a concern is brought directly to the Board or to an individual Board member, it shall be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for study and possible resolution by the employee or the employee’s immediate supervisor, as appropriate to the specific situation.    

           Concerns should be communicated as such to the appropriate individual, as outlined above, either in writing (either by hard copy or e-mail) or in person through a personal appointment and meeting. In the case of a meeting by appointment, it is recommended, but not required, that the concern be provided in writing to the relevant District staff member beforehand. Informal conversations or communications with individual staff or Board of Education members may not be viewed as triggering this policy.

           Concerns are most easily resolved when they are brought to the attention of the appropriate individual as soon as possible. The District’s ability to respond effectively is severely hampered by reporting concerns long after the occurrence giving rise to the concern. In addition, anonymous reporting of a concern significantly limits the District’s ability to fully address the concerns. The District will make reasonable efforts to follow up on or monitor concerns raised anonymously.  

           When a concern is received from a parent or other member of the community, the appropriate District staff member will acknowledge the concern, outline how the concern will be addressed, will attempt to address and/or resolve the concern as outlined, will follow-up within ten (10) school days with the individual who brought forth the concern, as permissible by applicable state or federal law, regulation or contractual obligation, and will document the concern and the action taken.   

           Any retaliatory behavior directed by a staff member against those bringing forth concerns or against any other individual(s) connected with the concern is strictly prohibited, is a violation of this policy, and should be reported immediately to the employee’s immediate supervisor. Teachers, administrators, and other staff members are professionals who are expected to operate under the highest standards of conduct, especially in this regard.

           The Superintendent may refer the issue of a public concern to the Board for final resolution. Upon final resolution by the Board, a written response will be sent to the person who raised the concern.

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