Series: Series6000     Sub Series: 6100 ANNUAL BUDGET     Policy Number: 6900
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Building administrators and support staff supervisors are responsible for identifying obsolete or surplus equipment and supplies within their area(s) of responsibility. The Assistant Superintendent for Support Services is authorized to attempt to reassign the items to other locations within the school district.

At least annually, lists of the equipment, supplies and/or materials considered obsolete and unable to be salvaged or utilized effectively or economically by the school district shall be presented to the Board.

Once the Board of Education declares the items as surplus, they may be sold. The administration shall post the list through the local media with notice as to the date, time, and place of the sale. Members of the Board or of the public may request that any item be withdrawn from the list.

Items with an estimated value greater than $100.00 will be listed individually and sold by bid. Items of like kind, numerous, and with minimal value will be listed generically and arranged for sale by the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services.

Items not purchased by the public may be sold as scrap for the best obtainable amount, sold to non-profit organizations for a nominal sum ($1.00), or discarded in the safest, least expensive manner.

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General Municipal Law §§51; 800 et seq. 

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