Series: Series6000     Sub Series: 6100 ANNUAL BUDGET     Policy Number: 6830.1-R
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From time to time, meals and/or refreshments may be deemed appropriate for a particular meeting, event or situation.

Whenever meals and/or refreshments are ordered, the person making the request shall indicate the date, purpose of the meeting and identify the group in attendance.  It is acknowledged that meal and/or refreshment expenditures may be incurred as an extension of the responsibilities of employees or to continue to enhance a specific activity or event that is being held for a business purpose.  In such instances, documentation as noted above shall be submitted to the business office for the purposes of audit and reimbursement.  In an instance where a receipt has been lost or not obtained, at the discretion of the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, a signed statement may be submitted as a substitute document.

Examples of authorized categories include but are not limited to a meal with a consultant employed by the district, a meal provided to a committee or working group whose responsibilities require working through the meal hour, or other specific circumstances for which working through the meal hour is advantageous to the district.

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