Series: Series6000     Sub Series: 6100 ANNUAL BUDGET     Policy Number: 6800
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A duly certified payroll is one that has been examined and approved by the Superintendent of Schools, or in his/her absence, the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services. It shall be the responsibility of the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services and his/her staff to prepare all payrolls.

The staff is paid on a two-week pay schedule. The Board of Education shall approve the payroll dates for the school year prior to the close of the previous year. The Board authorizes deductions for Social Security, State and Federal witholding tax, tax-sheltered annuities, credit union, legal mandates, and health insurance.

A periodic test will be conducted to verify accuracy and appropriateness of district payrolls.

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Education Law §§1604; 1719; 1720; 2116-a

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