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The Board of Education will establish a tuition rate for nonresident students each year, using the formula provided by the State Education Department in calculating the tuition rates. For school attendance by a nonresident child for a period longer than 90 calendar days, tuition is payable in advance for each succeeding 30 calendar days, or on a prorated basis.

The Board will charge full tuition and transportation costs to non-veteran students under 21 years of age, who have received their high school diploma and wish to attend regular and BOCES classes. These students may not be counted for state aid purposes.

The Board will also charge tuition to students cared for in a foster home within the district, where a social services agency has not assumed tuition costs. In these cases, the district in which the student resided prior to being placed in foster care will pay the tuition.

The Board will deduct school tax payments from the tuition of non-resident students, if their parents pay taxes on property within the district.

The Board will not charge tuition to:

1. students who become non-residents during their senior year, and will allow them to finish their educational program;

2. students of non-resident parents, if the persons they are residing with are district residents and have assumed legal guardianship of the student;

3. foreign exchange students with J-1 Visas (students with F-1 Visas will be charged full tuition); and

4. veterans living in the district; and

5. children of non-resident employees of the Rhinebeck Central School District.

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General Reference:

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