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The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to hear and respond to public comment, and therefore encourages public participation at Board meetings. There will be a specific agenda item at each Board meeting to provide an opportunity to address the Board.

Rules of Order In Public Meetings

• When a member of the public wishes to speak, he/she shall address the chair.

• If two or more persons wish to speak, the chair shall designate the person to speak first.

• The speaker shall give his/her name and address before proceeding further.

• All remarks shall be addressed to the chair.

• The speaker shall confine him/herself to the question under debate, and avoid comments of a personal nature.

• No person shall speak upon a subject more than twice, no more than five minutes each time, except by consent (of the Board).

• No person shall speak a second time until all have had a first chance to speak.

• The right of individuals to speak without interruption is paramount, provided they remain in accordance with these rules.

• No calls for expression of sentiment shall be made except upon request by the chair.

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