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The Board of Education recognizes that community groups that provide financial and/or other assistance for extracurricular activities, the approved school curriculum, or other school programs, sometimes known as "booster" organizations, provide important support and can be a valuable means of stimulating community interest in the aims and activities of the District’s schools.  Support groups/booster organizations may be defined in two ways:


1.        an organization which is created to foster community support and raise funds for a specific extracurricular, curricular and/or other program activity (e.g., athletics, technology, content–area curricula, and/or musical groups); or

2.        an organization which is created to foster community support and raise funds for the school's general program.


Parents and other interested members of the community who wish to organize a support group or booster organization for the purpose of assisting a specific school program are encouraged to do so, as long as the activities of such organizations are consistent with the District’s stated mission, vision and core beliefs, do not interfere with the total educational program, or do not disrupt district operations in any way. To this end, support groups/booster organizations must follow these guidelines:


1.        be voluntary and not for profit, and support a specific school activity, curriculum or program;

2.        submit an activity schedule in advance to the Superintendent of Schools or designee for prior approval  (Any time the support group/booster organization uses the name of the school district, or any language suggesting that the district has endorsed, sponsored or otherwise approved of the organization’s activities, there must be prior approval by the Superintendent.);

3.        seek advance Board approval for any use of school facilities and/or equipment, following procedures outlined in administrative regulation 1500-R, Public Use of School Facilities Regulation;

4.        avoid interference with the decision-making of any student group;

5.        understand and respect the authority of district employees in the administration of their duties; and

6.        assume all financial responsibility for their organization, including but not limited to the provision of adequate insurance coverage, as appropriate.


If a support group/booster organization wishes to make a contribution of money, service time, or tangible property (e.g., equipment or supplies), a representative of the organization should first meet with the Superintendent.  The Superintendent must identify the district's terms and conditions of accepting such gifts, and seek the Board's official approval before accepting or publicly announcing any contribution.


Proposed plans, projects and other activities of such support groups or booster organizations must be evaluated and promoted in light of their stated contribution to the academic as well as the extra-curricular school programs.  Careful consideration should be given to the total value of the contribution to all students, and not just to specific student groups.


The Board retains final responsibility and authority on all activities which have an impact on students, the schools, school programs, and/or school-owned property.

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