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The following regulations govern the use of video cameras:

1.                   Video cameras will be used on school buses transporting students to and from school or extra curricular activities or trips at the discretion of the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, who is in charge of the transportation program.

2.                   The District will notify students and their parents/guardians, and staff at the beginning of each school year that video cameras may be used on school buses and in school buildings.

3.                   Video cameras will be used in locations in school buildings and on school property as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent of Schools or designee.

4.                   Continuously streaming video surveillance is not intended to be used for the evaluation of job performance or discipline regarding members of the bargaining units, except for disciplinary action for:  1) possession, use, and/or sale of illegal drugs; 2) violence against students; and 3) sexual misconduct, including evidence of sexual grooming.  These exceptions are deemed to be necessary in light of the special nature of the school environment, in which children are present in our schools under the compulsion of law from ages as young as five years. 

5.                   Staff and students are prohibited from tampering or otherwise interfering with video camera equipment.

6.                   Video camera recordings will be maintained as long as the District deems it necessary to do so and in compliance with the latest records retention schedule.  Generally, video camera recordings will be stored for seven days after initial recordings, whereupon such recordings may be released for erasure.  Video camera recordings held for review of student incidents or for other purposes deemed appropriate by the District will be maintained in their original form pending resolution of the incident.  Recordings will then either be released for erasure or kept, as necessary, as part of the student’s educational record or other district record.  All video camera recordings will be stored and secured to avoid tampering and ensure confidentiality.

7.                   The District will comply with the provisions of federal law regarding student records requirements as applicable in the District’s use of video camera recordings.  Recordings considered for retention as part of a student’s educational record will be maintained in accordance with established student record procedures governing access, review and release of student and other school district records.

8.                   A written log will be maintained of the date the video camera recording was made, the vehicle or area of the building recorded, the name of the bus driver, if applicable, the date of viewing and the signature of the viewer.

9.                   Review of video camera recordings from buses will be conducted by the terminal manager of the bus company, the building principal, and the Assistant Superintendent of Support Services, as deemed necessary.

10.                 Review of video camera recordings from buildings will be conducted by the building principal and assistant principals/dean of students.

11.               The Superintendent of Schools, or designee, may review any video camera recordings at his discretion.

12.               Viewing of the video camera recordings will be permitted only at designated school sites, including the transportation office, school buildings, or central administration offices.

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