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The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to maintain and improve discipline and to insure the safety and welfare of its students and staff on school transportation vehicles, in school buildings, and on school property.

After considering and balancing the rights of privacy with the District’s duty to ensure discipline, health, welfare and safety of students and staff, the Board of Education supports the use of video cameras by the District on school buses, in its buildings and on school property to enhance the health, welfare and safety of students and staff on district property and to safeguard district facilities and equipment. 

Video cameras may be used in locations as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with the appropriate District administrator(s).  Video cameras may be used to monitor student behavior on school buses, whether going to and from school and during extra-curricular activities or events, as well as in school buildings, before, during, and/or after the school day and on weekends or school breaks.

Video camera recordings may be used for the purpose of evidence for the disciplining of students or staff or for any other purpose it deems appropriate. The District shall comply with all state and federal laws applicable to student records in the event that such recordings are considered for retention as part of the student’s record.  All video camera recordings are the exclusive property of the school district and may not be viewed, altered, or otherwise modified without the expressed permission of the Superintendent of Schools or the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services.

The Superintendent of Schools is directed to develop regulations governing the use of video cameras.


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